Frequently Asked Questions

Dickinson by Design is located at 5722 Fairdale Lane #101 Houston, Tx 77057, If you would like to visit feel free to contact us for a tour.

We serve many fine jewelry retailers Nationwide and cater locally to the greater Houston area.
We are excited to take creative risks, and undertake projects that others shy away from and frequently support new designers through the early stages of production.

Because we provide many services and can tailor it to your company’s requirements, we require that all jobs be priced individually. We have experienced staff in our quoting department who are ready to discuss your particular needs and provide a quotation. Feel free to fill out the contact form or give us a call to allow us to begin your quote.

Because of many changing factors, quotes remain valid for only 30 days.

When your package is received by our shipping staff, the current quality of the piece(s) is/are documented, and repairs that will maintain the integrity of the piece(s) are listed and updated to you in around 1-3 business days.